Yümba only sources the finest materials. From Japanese imported beads, water buffalo leather to brass hardware, our craftsmanship is held to the highest standard.




Our collars are made of vegetable tanned full-grain water buffalo leather

We use water buffalo leather due to its unique qualities. It is lighter, it breathes, and has the firmness and softness ideal for pet collars. Water buffalo is more sustainable than regular cattle because it’s an efficient converter of poor quality forages into milk and work-force. This species prevalent in Asia and it’s becoming quite popular in Colombia among small farmers.

Water buffaloes are mainly bred for milk and work force and they have never been a primary source of meat. Only at the end of their productive career, water buffaloes are used for beef and leather. Our sole source of leather, Curtiembres del Valle, is one of Colombia’s pioneers in vegetable tanning, the most environmentally friendly leather treatment method.


Our Japanese Miyuki beads are renowned for their artistry in color creations, innovation, precision, and state-of-the-art technology. 

Miyuki is Japanese bead company founded in Hiroshima at the beginning of the Shōwa imperial period in the 1930’s. Throughout history, glass beads have been captivating humanity and have been used as currency or as embellishments for ceremonies and rituals. Glass beads in particular became especially prized due to their shimmer and durability.

At Yümba our size S-XL collars use the small cylinder-shaped, laser-cut Delica beads and our sizes XXS-XS use the square Tila tiles that also include one of Miyuki’s latest creations: the half-sized and quarter-sized Tila tiles.