Yümba explores the limitless world of design and shares this experience with curious pet owners who wish to reflect their aesthetic adventures on their beloved companions.

This approach pushes Yümba beyond the typical limitations of other dog collar brands. The only boundaries to creativity are those of strength, durability, functionality and comfort for both pet and pet owner; these are the basis of our unique collar and leash designs.




Yümba collars are handmade in Cali, a cheerful Colombian city located in the Cauca Valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

The peaks of Cristo Rey and the hills of the Tres Cruces and San Antonio look down upon the city of 2.5 million that is known throughout the world for its salsa music and dancing. Founded in 1536 by the Spanish, Cali is the third largest city in Colombia and is a major producer of sugarcane, bananas, avocados and pineapples. Cali’s agricultural background has resulted in a tradition of saddlery and harness-making that we have transferred to our handcrafted collars and leashes

Our brand name honors Yümba, one of the last dogs in a long line of Weimaraners bred and raised over the last 20 years by our late father Rodrigo Navia, an animal lover in our native Cali, Colombia.


Yümba’s collars are crafted by women artisan beaders and master saddlers and bridle makers that use traditional hand tools and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Our collars’ beaded embellishments are made by skilled Colombian weavers that with meticulous and laborious techniques materialize our designs bead by bead. Many of the weavers have enrolled in the company’s My Mom for Me program, an initiative that encourages them to work from home while providing loving care, guidance and support to their children. The hands of these women, many of whom have had rough lives, are what bring Yümba designs to life.

Yümba’s saddlers and bridle makers, led by master saddler Javier Patiño, cut and stitch each of our collars and leashes individually resulting in truly personal products that gain character over time. They are also dog owners and horse lovers who master the art of balancing strength and softness to keep our beloved animals safe and comfortable.

Tita and Andrés are siblings who share passion in social justice, animals, and design. These desires combined to create one unique brand — Yümba.

The co-founders of Yümba share a message of compassion and care towards dogs and cats through creative design, fine manufacturing and luxurious materials while sharing a passion for design and craftsmanship. Andrés’ background in social and economic development, modern art and Weimaraner breeding along with Tita’s experience in business management, advertising, jewelry design, production and exports, make this partnership complementary and effective.

Yümba is fully integrated with Mishky’s artisanal jewelry production and we give the same attention and care to our pet product designs as we do to our jewelry. Our design and product development team and weaver artisans work closely with expert bridle makers and the outcome is a blend of high design with elevated performance for our pet products.



Andrés Navia

Co-Founder of Yümba, Tita’s brother

In 2019 Andrés (photographed with Lukas) joined Mishky to lead the development of the Yümba dog collar and leash line. He viewed it as an opportunity to share a message of compassion and care towards animals while adding a new type of style and dog fashion that is cool, modern, unique and luxurious.


Tita Navia

Founder of Mishky, Our Parent Brand

Tita (photographed with Zico) is a well-seasoned fashion marketeer, international advertising manger and designer. After a long career with U.S. multinational corporations, she started Mishky, Inc., a thriving fashion jewelry company that has positively changed the lives of many single mothers in her hometown of Cali for over ten years.